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HARRIS Hotel Tuban Bali



Bali is the most popular destination in Indonesia and without any doubt, it has a unique culture. Related to HARRIS vision of Cultural Diversity, HARRIS Hotel Tuban Bali wants to show the Balinese traditions for guests to explore more on how the people live with their culture. Since BW Photo Hunt competition’s purpose is to capture the Balinese culture we want you to join us and showcase your photographic talents by capturing “Balinese Culture”



  1. Open to the public, Indonesian Citizen, from 20 years old.

  2. Participants must submit the copy of ID card during registration.

  3. This competition is "Digital Competition" with "Balinese Culture" as a theme. “Balinese Culture" can be beach activities, traditional markets, Balinese people with their activities (daily life) and Balinese traditions (dance, Balinese instruments, traditional games, etc).

  4. Every participants are required to follow rules and regulations.

  5. All participants must undersign statement letter upon registration

  6. Photographs should not nuanced religion (praying activity), racism, sadism or pornography.

  7. Every participant must register through the website at : the online registration is open from Thursday, 20 August 2020 and will be closed on Tuesday, 15 September 2020.

  8. All participants have to fill up a registration form, and by submitting the photos means they agree with the event terms and conditions.

  9. Participants will not be charged for the registration fee and all expenses during photo taking is the participant’s responsibility.

  10. Participants will submit maximum 3 of their best photos to with the file naming format: Participant Name_Photo Title_ID Card Number.

  11. Participants to post the photos on Instagram using hashtag #imatharris, #HarrisPhotoHunt, #bwphotography, #HarrisTuban, #BalineseCulture and mandatory to follow Instagram account @harristuban.

  12. Committee has the right to disqualify participants that violated the rules and regulations.

  13. All verdicts made by committee and judges are absolute.

  14. HARRIS Hotel Tuban Bali has the rights to edit and use the photographs according to the HARRIS Brand Concept for purposes of publication and exhibition.

  15. The photos received by the committee will not be returned.

  16. ‘Model and Property Release' is the responsibility of participants, and the committee is not responsible for any lawsuit by a third party of the object image that may appear in the future.

  17. 20 finalist will be informed by electronic mail (e-mail), website and social media HARRIS Tuban.

  18. 6 Winners will be announced by virtual conference and also in Hotel’s social media and informed by electronic mail (e-mail)

  19. There will be 3 judges that consist of 1 professional photographer, 1 Internal judges (General Manager of HARRIS Hotel Tuban) and 1 PIC from Tauzia Corporate :

  • Tjandra Hutama - Professional Photographer

  • Antoine Caffarena - General Manager HARRIS Hotel Tuban Bali

  • Stefano de Champeaux - Tauzia


  1. The participants in this Photo Hunt Competition are for those who the data is registered through (link bio Instagram and Facebook @HARRISTuban account).

  2. Participants may use any type of digital camera to shoot photographs.


1. Photographs are to be submitted in digital form / soft copy.
2. Photographs should not nuanced religion (praying activity), racism, sadism, or pornography.•
3. HARRIS has the full rights to use and reproduce and modify the photograph, copyrights of the photograph remain as the photographer’s right
4. Photograph that do not win might be used in the future for publicity and promotion material for the hotel purposes
5. Photographs must reflect on HARRIS Brand personality
6. Photographs must be taken on the period of the competition (20 August - 15 September 2020)
7. Participants who submit a photo that was taken on other times than on the period of the competition will be disqualified.
8. Participants must make sure the date setting on the camera is according to the date requested.
9. Photographs have to be in black and white and in JPEG large fine format. Photos that did not follow the required format will be disqualified without notice.
10. The committee will check for the authenticity of the photos.
11. Any editing process is allowed but limited to this techniques :

  • Dodging

  • Burning

  • Level/Curve

  • Brightness & Contrast

  • Channel Mixer

12. Photographs will be judged based on :

  • Artistic Merit

  • Originality

  • Subject

  • Style

  • Respect of Terms & Conditions

13. Photo format :

  • High resolution in original & edited digital file

  • Landscape (horizontal) format

  • Minimum 2000 px wide @300dpi

  • JPEG file

  • No watermark added


1. The participants are required to submit his photo within the prescribed time limit, on 20 August until 15 September 2020
2. Each participant can submit max. 3 best photographs
3. Photographs submitted must be JPEG Fine (High resolution) in black & white and Original File
4. Files collected should be written as follows :

  • Filename: Participant Name_Photo Title_ID Card Number.

  • Example: Rendy_People in Bali_12345678910

5. Participants must fill out the submission form by completing the data as follows: Name, mobile number, email address and ID Card photos.
6. The photo submission must be done by the participant, no proxies allowed
7. Each participant must have backup data files.


  • 1st Winner : Cash IDR 8,000,000

  • 2nd Winner : Cash IDR 4,000,000

  • 3rd Winner : Cash IDR 2,000,000


  • 1st Runner Up : Cash IDR 1,000,000

  • 2nd Runner Up : 1 night Room Voucher (include breakfast)

  • 3rd Runner Up : F&B Voucher

(25% Prize tax will be charged to the winner based on government regulation)

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